Monday, May 10, 2010

Rant Of The Day - It's Just Mountain Biking

Out of respect for the Defendants and their legal Counsel, this post has been temporarily removed.

RR&M fully supports Katie and Wendy through their unnecessarily difficult time.


- Big E


  1. Hi Eric. Thanks for linking to my blog. I just updated the post to add your link, and to point out another local mountain bike racing blogger's post and his detailed comment.

    As I was at a complete loss to figure out what motivated Hurlbert's decision to file charges agains the women racers, I researched more and discovered Chlouber's past GOP House district 56 and state senate career. That may help explain things!

  2. Eric: VD just posted a new article. Hurlbert's tap dancing trying to back down, while being defensive at same time. Some really choice quotes from Chlouber. VD fails to present one word from the other side.

    My post has been further updated:

    People need to comment, as that's the only way the other side ever gets out in the Vail and Summit Dailys.

  3. This is so blatant that both of those involved should be prosecuted. The DA and the hit-and-run driver.